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YBA Mentoring Club

This exclusive membership mentoring club is currently limited to 30 people and gives members a huge advantage over other struggling writers and authors who are trying to make it as a published author.

I treat my Mentoring Club members as family and here’s what members receive each month:

1. Two 1-hour long webinars teaching key aspects of writing an effective book. Each member will have the chance to suggest a webinar topic and I will promise to cover the topic within a 12 month period.

2. Exclusive membership to a closed Facebook group where members can support each other and comment on each other’s work…plus I’m an active source of inspiration and advice on the page.

3. One writing lesson each month – available as a PDF file.

4. Unlimited email support throughout your membership.

5. Hand holding throughout the publishing process.

6. Each fortnight one member of the group will get the chance to receive detailed comments about their writing from me and other members, on our fortnightly webinar.

7. One email a fortnight with extra juicy writing info.



per month

Please note: Fee does not include editing and critiquing of your work. For this there is an extra charge.

Limited to 30 people who are serious about making it as a published author.
If you’d like to go ahead with one of these packages then contact me via the form below and I will reply asap, usually within 24 hours:

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