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7 Steps to Writing Your Book and Getting it Published

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My role as Your Book Angel

…is to take authors under my wing and offer my support as you navigate the often challenging path of  book writing, publishing, and marketing. I infuse your book project with Love and Light, polishing sentences until they shine, and advising how your manuscript can be improved. I also offer publishing solutions, marketing packages, and coaching and consulting services.

As a published author myself, I understand the challenges that we writers face. My goal is to bring your book to Light in the easiest, quickest, and most effective way possible.

If you choose to work with me, I can guarantee that you and your book will be in very safe and loving hands!

Here are just some of the services that I offer to bring your book to Light:
  • Comprehensive editing of your manuscript so that each sentences shines and glows with perfection
  • Critiques of your book so that you know exactly what to do to improve it so that it has bestseller potential
  • Advice on putting together book proposals that will leave literary agents and publishers desperate to give you a book deal
  • An exclusive one on one mentoring program that will give you a greatly increased chance of achieving all of your book publishing dreams – and faster than you ever thought possible
  • Publishing packages to make your life easier and to ensure that the publication process for your book goes smoothly and without a hitch
  • Marketing packages to ensure that people see and buy your book, and spread the word to all of their friends and family
  • Various courses and training programs to assist you further on your book writing journey

If any of these services resonate with you, or you would like to learn how to write, publish and market your book so that it sells thousands of copies, leave your name and email address below. I love to share amazing , value-packed content to writers and authors. As a starter, you'll receive my free ebook, 7 Steps to Write and Publish Your Book.

About Your Book Angel

Previously known as The Word Queen, I recently changed my name to Your Book Angel to reflect my sudden spiritual awakening at the age of 30. Since that experience, which has led to further transformative occurrences, my life has flourished exponentially and I now live in a magical, mysterious bubble of Love, Light, and miracles. This new-found wisdom has proved especially useful in my book editing and publishing business, as I now understand the role that the Divine plays in a book’s success.

I started writing stories at the age of three, which I would form into mini books. Even at that tender age, I would make a front cover and write an ISBN and barcode on the back! Through school I excelled in English Language, and in my exams I achieved an A* falling in the top 5% of the country.

After school I attended Journalism College and became a reporter on a local newspaper, before realizing that my true ability was writing for magazines. So I landed a job at a PR agency in London, writing and editing publications for large corporate clients, such as Dixons Group, Visa, Safeway, and Powergen.

Seven years later, tired of the daily commuting into London, I moved to the Costa del Sol, Spain, seeking warmer weather and a more relaxed way of life. There, an opportunity arose to re-launch a popular English language expat magazine, called The Sentinella. The pagination tripled within two years, and I franchised the title into eight neighboring regions of Spain.

During this time, I wrote my first book, Sol Searching: A True Life Story of a Modern Girl’s Move to the Costa del Sol, which was published by Summertime Publishing. Discovering that I had a true talent and a burning passion for book writing, I stopped running The Sentinella and started my book editing and publishing business.

My first published book in the self-help genre is called The Light: A Book of Wisdom with contributions by bestselling authors including Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, and more. It has been now translated into seven languages after the publishing rights were sold into countries including Russia, Spain, China, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Greece. My next book in The Light series – The Light: A Book of Knowing contains teachings from luminaries such as the Dalai Lama, Dada Vaswani, John Gray, Bruce Lipton, and Anita Moorjani, and is due to launch in 2016. I’m also a children’s book author and my first, Lori and the Love Tree, will launch soon!

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping authors get their books polished and published.

If you would like to find out my tips for writing a best selling book and getting it published then sign up here!


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