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Your Book Angel has hand-picked only the very best book editors to include in her heavenly host of Editor Angels. Each editor is a specialist in two or three particular genres, making them the perfect editor to work on your book and make it shine to a whole new level. Simply click below on your book’s genre and you will be taken to the right choice of Editor Angels for you. From there you can send a message via our website and, with a dash of Light, and a dose of Love, the editing can commence.

*If your book’s genre is not listed here (or, you are not sure what genre your book is) then please email as it is likely that one of our editors covers it!

Meet Our Editor Angels

  • Keidi KeatingKEIDI is the founder of Your Book Angel and she loves helping authors on their path to writing and publishing success. Also an author of best-selling self-help / spiritual titles, along with a growing number of children’s books, Keidi delights in the written word. It is her greatest passion in life.

    She is also deeply interested in continuing to evolve spiritually, and she enjoys meditation, yoga, chanting, and praying. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Keidi gets a real buzz from starting businesses or thinking of ideas, developing them into something tangible, and watching them thrive.

    She lives in the magical mountain town of Ojai, CA with her husband T, and little boy, Ty. She has a collection of sparkling crystals on her desk, and her wall features a picture of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning, who smiles upon every manuscript in Keidi’s care.

    Self-Help and Spiritual, Children’s, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Young Adult, Thrillers

    "Keidi understands the quirks and obsessions of the writer, and was a complete pleasure to work alongside. Her attention to detail was impressive and her suggestions were always helpful, and in line with the plot and tone of my manuscript. I highly recommend her, and I continue to praise her behind her back."
    -John Meyer Toronto, Canada, Author of Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy

    "Keidi has a way of seeing through to the heart of what an author is trying to say. She polished each sentence to perfection and, as a result, the whole manuscript flowed beautifully. Keidi is also very friendly and professional. I felt as though I could always ask for help or advice and that she was always available should I need her. I will definitely be using her again for my next project."
    -Leslie Oakley Florida, USA, Author of Magick

    "Your own book is like your baby. You put so much time & love into it that it is a very big step to hand it over to an editor. Keidi’s work simply blew me away & took my book to another level. Her work is fast, fabulous and reasonably priced. I am very much looking forward to be working with her again."
    -Melanie Sievernich Marbella, Spain
  • JimJIM is a writer, editor, and writing consultant. He studies Creative Writing at Columbia University where he has studied literary fiction, western classics, memoir writing, journalism, children’s writing, and most recently, poetry. He also received training as a writing consultant and helps other writers “find their audience and their voice” in multiple genres.

    As a freelance writer/editor, Jim has a wide array of writing experience: he has co-authored scientific papers, ghostwritten academic articles and romantic fiction, he is co-authoring a young adult fantasy novel, and writes health advocacy content for several non-profit patient-support organizations. He has edited extensively in the fields of self-help, spirituality, and academic writing. His favorite genres to write are fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

    Jim grew up in The Bronx but spent his weekends and summers in rural New York State. He currently lives in New York City with his wife of 30 years, and their four cats. He’s a big movie buff, loves all things Tolkien, Star Wars, and H.P. Lovecraft, dabbles in the visual arts, and loves telling bedtime stories to his nieces and nephews.

    Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Self-Help

    “I worked with Jim creating educational material for a non-profit patient support organization. I was impressed by his ability to anticipate how materials would be perceived by different eyes, and by how compassionate he was through the whole process. Jim takes writing seriously and that has benefitted me and the many people who rely so much on the thoughtful work he’s done.”
    - Gary M. Sanders, VP of Patient Outreach, retired

    “Jim is a writer extraordinaire. He is an asset to any team and puts his full self into his work. If you want to experience a thoughtful writer/editor, Jim is your guy. Reliable, expert, and kind. A winning combination.”
    - Helene Lerner Founder,

    “Working with Jim has been unlike any previous experience that I’ve had with an editor. Perhaps that is because the title of “editor” doesn’t adequately capture all that he embodies; writing therapist may be more fitting. Jim is able to transform what can traditionally feel like a very vulnerable and frustrating process into a productive opportunity for collaboration and growth. In every session, he puts the writer first. He gives me the space to prioritize my concerns, and by the end of every consultation, I feel confident in how I can parse through the nuances of the obstacles before me. Regardless of where I am in my writing process – be it a scrambled collection of ideas or a polished draft – Jim meets me there. He knows how to embody the presence of the reader I hope to reach and, in doing so, asks just the right questions at just the right moments in my work. In more ways than one, it is because of Jim that I have developed not only my writing, but also my love for the process of the craft."
    - Elise Gout, Writing Consultant, Columbia University Writing Center
  • HannahHANNAH has been fascinated with the written word since she can remember, and her passion for all things literary blossomed in second grade. Since then, Hannah has been an avid writer, reader, and editor.

    Hannah graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science. She worked as an editor throughout her graduate school program, and received her graduate certification in editing and publishing.

    Though she has edited everything from government bills to municipal code to business proposals to blogs, Hannah’s true passion has always been literature. She started working as a freelance book editor in 2016, and is currently working on her debut novel.

    Hannah lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her boyfriend, Sargis, and their two cats, Iggy and Riker. When she’s not busy editing or writing, you can find her enjoying an extra-large iced coffee or playing tennis.

    Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and YA

    "I love how much Hannah has helped me make my story stand out from the crowd. I'm aiming for the big name traditional contract and, with her help, I know I'm every inch closer to getting it. Hannah has helped improve my readability, showing how lines that made sense to me might not make sense to everyone else, and even pointed out a few extra things that I missed while drafting. My book wouldn't be what it is today without her help. Definitely worth the investment."
    - Leah Chiasson

    "Finding Ms. Bauman was a miracle! After working with others that did not share my vision or passion for Science Fiction, she came into my life and changed it for the better. She works with your ideas and allows the creative process to happen with professional guidance and a collaborative approach. Ms. Bauman is kind in her remarks and constructive in her feedback. I couldn’t imagine working with a more caring and intelligent editor––she really knows her stuff! It’s been fun and informative to work with her and I have nothing but respect for her craft."
    - Samantha Heauwagen

    "Hannah is an absolute dream to work with. Her suggestions are quick and easy to implement, but their impact on my work cannot be overstated. She finishes on time and communicates through every step. She's even available to discuss any questions I may have about her suggestions. I won't use anyone else: Hannah's my editor for as long as she has a red pen in her hand."
    - Cait Ashwood
  • KarenKAREN is by nature inquisitive and a born communicator. Those two qualities led her along what was first a completely unplanned but ultimately perfect career as a corporate and marketing communications consultant, freelance writer, and editor.

    Her undergraduate studies in philosophy honed her critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. She learned to unpack some pretty dense prose, tease out the essential content and supporting facts, identify the various arguments and points of view, and recognize the strategies and moves the author was using to engage, inform, and persuade readers. She went on to get a master's in technical and scientific communication from Miami University (Oxford, OH) and later, mid-career, to study creative nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh, further expanding the range of genres in which she is proficient. She has taught writing at Miami University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

    Ever eclectic and a lifelong learner, Karen is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, and a PADI-certified Divemaster. Her wind-ranging curiosity, coupled with technical proficiency, are what make her a skilled, effective, supportive editor who you can rely on to help you get your manuscript ready for publication.

    Autobiography, Memoir, Self-Help and Spiritual
  • SaraWhen SARA was eight, a teacher put some stories she wrote in the back of the classroom on a shelf with other books—real books. That was when she became a writer. She became an editor not long after that. In time, she learned there was more to editing than just language mechanics and conventions; she learned that an editor becomes a participator in magic.

    Sara has a degree in Creative and Professional Writing at Bemidji State University. In her time at University, she worked in the Writing Resource Center and wrote for the college paper and magazine. She critiqued and edited for countless classmates until someone suggested she should start freelance editing.

    Christian, YA, Action and Adventure, Literary

    “I purchased Sara's proofreading for my latest novel, Summer of the Loon. She not only found those pesky typos and misspellings, but offered sound advice on clarifying and tightening sentences. Sara suggested helpful alternatives for repetitive words and phrases, and also helped keep my story on track when she found an error in the story's consistency. I appreciated Sara's good eye and judgment and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of an editor.”
    –Deanna Lynn Sletten, Author

    “I approached two editors prior to finding Sara. One was enthusiastic at first but then when I sent her a sample, I never got a reply back. And the other editor didn't reply at all. The level of Sara's customer service is very rare online these days. She replied promptly, and was very kind and courteous. Furthermore, not only does Sara have a great eye for picking out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but she also has this gift of adding to your story without taking anything away from it. She allows the author's essence to remain within the story despite changes being made to it. In fact, my memoir turned out to be heaps better. I highly recommend Sara to anyone undertaking any form of writing.”
    –Dahlia Mikha, Author

    “Sara is a fantastic developmental editor. I chose her to edit my lengthy novel manuscript for a number of reasons. She has a gift that few people have—providing invaluable guidance and knowledge in a supportive, positive way. Her process is easy to understand, is incredibly practical, and has taught me so much about craft. I was able to take my writing to a whole new level with Sara’s help.”
    –Sarah Baldwin, Author
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